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For over 25 years, I have been on the leading edge of consumer marketing, sales and product development. Starting with helping to launch the only alternative long-distance telephone company in Alaska, I have leveraged a unique ability to identify emerging consumer needs and the new products and services to satisfy them.

Whether it was being on the bleeding edge of customer data mining in 1989 with CIC, or embracing the power and opportunity of streaming media (with and later Yahoo), I have successfully ushered in new paradigms and marketed and sold cutting edge products and services resulting in millions of dollars in revenue and billions in market value.

Brief and successful forays into investment services, political consulting and multi-media production as well as a successful practice as a business and marketing consultant, have helped further hone both my strategic business and marketing skills.

Currently I am assisting small, growth minded businesses exceed their sales, marketing and business goals and always on the look-out for the next opportunity that could occupy 100% of my time and energy.

Here are just a few of the nice things my clients have shared:

"Skip has an impressive understanding of the business implications of customer information. His broad knowledge and experience within the database marketing industry is coupled with acute listening skills. Skip has been able to communicate effectively with staff at all levels whether front line point-of-sale staff, warehouse personnel, middle or executive management. In addition to business and interpersonal skills, Skip displayed technical expertise in presenting innovative alternatives for information systems issues. Skip's approach, results and on-time delivery have made him an invaluable resource."

"Our sincere thanks to you for speaking at our Strategic Planning Conference. Your message on cross-selling and customer retention was very received by our bankers and I've already received requests for you to come back soon"

"For the past five years we've been working with Skip we come to think of him as not only a seasoned sales representative and certainly at the top echelon of his peers in both breadth of knowledge and understanding of his field, but also a skilled business strategist. He has a results oriented attitude for both his clients and himself and leverages a strong understanding of strategy to deliver at the tactical level as well. Recommending Skip is a pleasure.